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Friday, February 25, 2005


Here we go again. I've decided to drop my algebra class. I think I can still get a little bit of a refund. I'm supposed to be there now, but I decided that since I'm not going to finish the course, I might as well skip. This is very depressing. I wish I knew why this stuff was so hard for me. I mean, everything else is so easy. Well, everything else so far has been easy. Sigh. I'm really depressed. If anyone knows a way to help me learn this stuff, I'd really appreciate the help. I mean, is there a trick to algebraic proficiency? I have to have this class to graduate, and I just don't know what to do. The worst part is that I can't think of a single practical application for algebra for a psychologist. Granted, I do need statistics, but my math teacher has said that a lot of these things are applicable for electrical engineering and such. WHO CARES?!? I know I don't. Help!

Well, anyhoo, Coffee and Petunia had quite a battle the other day. Know how I said that Coffee thinks he has to protect me from my own kitty, who, by the way, I have known way longer than I've known him? Well, this time Petunia was the aggressor, and I thought I was going to have to tend to a seriously injured pet. Petunia has decided that she has to sleep with, and sometimes on, me now. Although this is totally new, she believes that the bed belongs to her and no other critters have a right to it. On the night in question, I was in bed reading a book, when my Javahound scratched at the door so I'd let him inside. Petunia followed me to the door, and when I let Coffster in, he went to the bedroom and hopped up onto the bed, as is his custom. Yes, Dina, I know. Coffee is the alpha dog. Anyway, when Petunia came back in and saw where he was, she ran to the bed and jumped the dog! Things just deteriorated from there. Coffee, while not actually touching her, bristled and growled and showed his teeth and blocked me from her. Petunia hissed and spit and clawed. I think she actually did hurt the dog. He had a little drop of blood on his sweet little nose. I seriously thought I was going to have to assert my dominance, such as it is. As it was, they calmed down, and Petunia went out to pout. I love her and all, but she sure can be catty. Crazy animals of mine.

Well, if anybody has any suggestions about my math class, let me know. I haven't dropped it yet, so if anybody wants to dissuade me, you had better do it before Monday. That's when I plan to drop officially. I'm really discouraged about school in general because of this. I'm thinking of retaking this class during the summer with nothing else. That way I can focus on it exclusively. Who knows? I hope I can do better. Pray for me, OK?


  • At 4:48 AM, Blogger Bamboo said…

    you're no quitter. don't drop it. i'm sure it will get better and you can finish it. you may not have a 107 average at the end like you would like, but don't drop it. i'd write more but I FEEL LIKE CRAP

  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Bamboo said…

    when are you going to post again? this blog is UNUPDATED


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