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Monday, February 07, 2005

Educational Progress

The good news is that so far this semester I'm doing pretty well. I got a 109 on my first Spanish test, a 100 on my first Western Civ test and an A on my first English paper. I haven't gotten my sociology test back yet, but I think I did OK. Those essay questions were a bear, though! I haven't had a test in intro to computers yet, but I don't really think that will be a problem for La Maestra del Blog! I am a little concerned about my algebra class still, though. Our first test is Friday, and our instructor hasn't even finished teaching us the material yet. Plus, he's one of those teachers who says, "We don't need to have a review day! Just study everything we've done so far!" He also said that if we do the chapter review in the textbook we'll be fine. The chapter review in the textbook is 95 problems! Holy macaroni! I really wish this test was on Monday instead so I would have the weekend to work on it. I'm going ot try to spend tomorrow and Thursday working pretty much nonstop. Although I have a conversational Spanish class at church tomorrow night. That's OK, though. I'll need the time to relax. May God help me.

Oh! I'm thinking of taking Coffee Dog to the mall on Saturday. The Forsyth Humane Society is having a doggy kissing contest and I think it would a) be a hoot to watch, b) be a good opportunity for the Javahound to be both shown off to those with average dogs, and c) a fun little contest to enter. Granted, my buddy isn't much of a kisser, so maybe I'll have to eat a lot of cheese beforehand. Wait. That would ruin the diet. Hmm. Maybe I can just rub some peanut butter on my face. Yeah. That would be "weigh" better. Ha, ha. Later!

P.S. It has come to my attention that I am long winded in these posts. Be advised that that is also how I talk. I'm not being loquatious on purpose. It's my nature.


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