Tales of the Javahunden

This blog is the story of my life and the life of my dog, Coffee. We don't have a lot of adventures, but I like to think I can make my ordinary life interesting through the magic of creative hyperbole.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Here we go again. I've decided to drop my algebra class. I think I can still get a little bit of a refund. I'm supposed to be there now, but I decided that since I'm not going to finish the course, I might as well skip. This is very depressing. I wish I knew why this stuff was so hard for me. I mean, everything else is so easy. Well, everything else so far has been easy. Sigh. I'm really depressed. If anyone knows a way to help me learn this stuff, I'd really appreciate the help. I mean, is there a trick to algebraic proficiency? I have to have this class to graduate, and I just don't know what to do. The worst part is that I can't think of a single practical application for algebra for a psychologist. Granted, I do need statistics, but my math teacher has said that a lot of these things are applicable for electrical engineering and such. WHO CARES?!? I know I don't. Help!

Well, anyhoo, Coffee and Petunia had quite a battle the other day. Know how I said that Coffee thinks he has to protect me from my own kitty, who, by the way, I have known way longer than I've known him? Well, this time Petunia was the aggressor, and I thought I was going to have to tend to a seriously injured pet. Petunia has decided that she has to sleep with, and sometimes on, me now. Although this is totally new, she believes that the bed belongs to her and no other critters have a right to it. On the night in question, I was in bed reading a book, when my Javahound scratched at the door so I'd let him inside. Petunia followed me to the door, and when I let Coffster in, he went to the bedroom and hopped up onto the bed, as is his custom. Yes, Dina, I know. Coffee is the alpha dog. Anyway, when Petunia came back in and saw where he was, she ran to the bed and jumped the dog! Things just deteriorated from there. Coffee, while not actually touching her, bristled and growled and showed his teeth and blocked me from her. Petunia hissed and spit and clawed. I think she actually did hurt the dog. He had a little drop of blood on his sweet little nose. I seriously thought I was going to have to assert my dominance, such as it is. As it was, they calmed down, and Petunia went out to pout. I love her and all, but she sure can be catty. Crazy animals of mine.

Well, if anybody has any suggestions about my math class, let me know. I haven't dropped it yet, so if anybody wants to dissuade me, you had better do it before Monday. That's when I plan to drop officially. I'm really discouraged about school in general because of this. I'm thinking of retaking this class during the summer with nothing else. That way I can focus on it exclusively. Who knows? I hope I can do better. Pray for me, OK?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Algebra Hates Me

OK. I got back my first algebra test today, and I am NOT happy. In fact, I'm in kind of a purple funk. I got a 56%. That is absolutely shameful. This is the first grade I've gotten lower than a B since I've been back in school. I am very depressed. I want cupcakes, doughnuts, Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, and fries. If anybody has some they would like to send me, I would be happy to accept. I don't keep naughty food in the house any more, because of the temptation, you see. I think I would also enjoy a giant steak. Any way, I'm going to start going to a tutor next week so I can get a little help. Actually, a lot of help would be better. Prayer is also good.

Oh, in case anyone was wondering, that is in fact me in the picture. This was a few years ago when I was at SAGU. I was all dressed up for a choir performance. My friends had never seen me like that, so my roommate insisted on taking a picture. The big smile is really sarcastic. I was really embarrassed, even though the outfit got me some compliments from this guy I really liked. The bed on the bottom is mine, as you can probably tell from the Lambchop pillow, what with my sheep fixation and all. Notice the wolf poster in the back. It has a speech bubble coming out of its mouth. This was a vicious taunting message left over from when my roomie and my friend Becky rustled my sheep. Stole every one and left the guard pig I had stationed with them knocked over on the floor. It turned out they were hidden in the acoustical tile ceiling the whole time. It was very mean. Well, I have to go to bed now. Coffee says hello, and wants to know if any of you have any cheese. Have a great day, and I'll try to post again soon!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Educational Progress

The good news is that so far this semester I'm doing pretty well. I got a 109 on my first Spanish test, a 100 on my first Western Civ test and an A on my first English paper. I haven't gotten my sociology test back yet, but I think I did OK. Those essay questions were a bear, though! I haven't had a test in intro to computers yet, but I don't really think that will be a problem for La Maestra del Blog! I am a little concerned about my algebra class still, though. Our first test is Friday, and our instructor hasn't even finished teaching us the material yet. Plus, he's one of those teachers who says, "We don't need to have a review day! Just study everything we've done so far!" He also said that if we do the chapter review in the textbook we'll be fine. The chapter review in the textbook is 95 problems! Holy macaroni! I really wish this test was on Monday instead so I would have the weekend to work on it. I'm going ot try to spend tomorrow and Thursday working pretty much nonstop. Although I have a conversational Spanish class at church tomorrow night. That's OK, though. I'll need the time to relax. May God help me.

Oh! I'm thinking of taking Coffee Dog to the mall on Saturday. The Forsyth Humane Society is having a doggy kissing contest and I think it would a) be a hoot to watch, b) be a good opportunity for the Javahound to be both shown off to those with average dogs, and c) a fun little contest to enter. Granted, my buddy isn't much of a kisser, so maybe I'll have to eat a lot of cheese beforehand. Wait. That would ruin the diet. Hmm. Maybe I can just rub some peanut butter on my face. Yeah. That would be "weigh" better. Ha, ha. Later!

P.S. It has come to my attention that I am long winded in these posts. Be advised that that is also how I talk. I'm not being loquatious on purpose. It's my nature.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sigh. Been on the diet for well over a week now. I've been doing pretty well, but it seems like food is everywhere! I mean, I've been helping a friend study for our Spanish class, and every time I come over, she wants to feed me. My mother went grocery shopping, and bought tons of stuff that I love, like ravioli and cereal and Dr. Pepper. Then she got sick and wanted ice cream. How cruel is that?!? I've already mentioned the volunteer dinner. Right now, I'm very hungry. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a Slimfast snack bar now. I'd rather have something not sweet, though. Hmm. I wonder what would be good. Any ideas for low calorie, non-sweet snacks? I need something!