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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Weather, Among Other Things

Hi, again. As of now, it's sleeting in Walnut Cove, center of the cultural universe. Weatherbug tells me that winter weather will continue on through 12:24 tomorrow afternoon. That's right, folks! I'm homebound! Yes, I know we southerners aren't too good in winter. We're warm weather people. On the plus side, I may not have school on Monday, so I'll have plenty of time to study for my sociology and Spanish tests. They are both on Wednesday. I may end up claiming that the problems with research with human subjects are hablo, hablas, habla, hablamos, hablais, and hablan. Ha, ha. I crack me up.

Speaking of school, I have to decide if I'm going to go to summer school. On the one hand, I would like to, on the other hand, I have the opportunity to go on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic the summer, and the trip is scheduled for a week before summer term is over. What do y'all think I should do? Do you think my instructors would let me take my finals a week early? Or maybe I could take all my summer classes online. Then I could take a laptop with me and do school whilst there. Wait. I don't have a laptop. Hmm. I need advice.

Oh, I have another quandary. I need a graphing calculator for my algebra class and I don't have the money to buy one. I can get one on eBay for $60, but that's still a little steep. I guess I'll have to try again to find a job. Sigh. Good luck to me. Oh, woe!

The good news about the abysmal weather is that Coffee loves it! He's wanted to be outside all day. After it started sleeting a few hours ago (it had been snowing), he came inside all covered with ice! There were little crystals on his forehead. It was absolutely adorable. While the snow was still falling he was outside jumping around like a deer. I wish I had that kind of energy. Heck, I wish I had any energy! If it's still frosty tomorrow, I'm going to suck it up and go out and play with my pup. I'll try to get Beagley to come, too, but that won't be easy. He's not so much a fan of the cold. You know, just like me.

So anyhoo, for your amusement, I think I shall share a story from Thursday. After my day's errands, I stopped at the mailbox. There wasn't much in it. I got back in the car and started to pull away, but I noticed something odd on the hill next to the road. I looked for a second, and saw that it was a baseball. Well, being me, I couldn't just let it sit there all alone. I figured at least Coffee could play with it, so I got out of the car and, holding on to weeds for support, I went up the hill and retrieved the ball. A triumph of finder's keeper's, you think? Not so fast! On my way down, I was about two feet from the bottom when the ground gave way. I fell hard onto my right side, leg mostly. I wasn't hurt, but as I stood up and dusted myself off, I saw a car coming toward me. Two teenage girls I'd never seen seemed to be very concerned, and wanted to know if I needed help. I declined, since all that seemed to be injured was my pride. Then I saw our neighbor, a sixteen year old boy with a sixteen year old boy's attitude riding toward me on his horse and laughing like an evil hyena. I could have had broken bones for all he knew, but all he could do was laugh. I was so embarrassed. Since it happened, my family has given me no end of grief for climbing a hill for a lousy baseball, that was misshapen, by the way. Oh, and the right leg to more of a beating than I originally thought. It still hurts pretty good in the calf area. Heaven help me if I try to sit on it, like I often do. Yowsa!

OK. I think I'm done now. Except for one thing: Thursday was a good friend's birthday. If you read the comments on this blog, you know who she is. If you get a chance, scoot on over to http://waterbearergirl.blogspot.com and wish her a happy birthday. It would make her very happy, I think. Bye!


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